Here you can find the latest copy of our weekly announcement publication – The Central Informer. There are also links to our Social Media platforms, Sermon Archives, and other useful tools.

Hurricane Harvey Relief

Many of you have asked “How can I help?” Click HERE to download an instruction packet on ways you can help with Hurricane Harvey Relief!

The Central Informer

This is a weekly announcement publication. It contains information about church activities and the upcoming sermon series information. It can be picked up during Wednesday dinner in the Fellowship Hall as well as in the Welcome Center. Click HERE for the latest copy of the Central Informer

The Central Focus

This is a quarterly publications that gives various ministry updates as well as provides information about upcoming events. Click HERE for the latest copy of the Central Focus

The Weekly

This is our Student Ministry weekly newsletter. Click HERE to read it!

Constitution and By-Laws

Click the heading above or HERE to read Central’s Constitution and By-Laws

Baptist Faith and Message

We adhere to the 1963 Baptist Faith and Message. Click the heading above or HERE to read it

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Sermon Archives

We record all of our services here at Central. If you missed one, you will be able to find it in our Sermon Archives! Here you can watch the sermon, listen to it, and even download the mp3!
Click HERE to access Central’s Sermon Archives

CBB Connect

This is a great tool to get to know your church family better! Click HERE to access CBB Connect!


Church Calendar

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