5 Simple & Effective Debt Management Tips To Avoid Credit Penalties

Borrowing money is not a sin. Sometimes, an individual need to lend a certain amount to covers some of his/her expenses or solve a financial issue urgently. But what makes borrowing a problem is not paying them on time.

This is what gets people into trouble with their creditors. But with a proper debt management strategy in place, you can pay your dues on time and make your creditors satisfied and happy. Here are some simple debt management tips you can follow:


  • Have a plan and stick to it

One thing that most people who are suffering from a debt crisis do not is a plan. They just go through their finances haphazardly and deal with the crisis once the problem present itself. The problem with this habit is that, it will only work if one is dealing with a small balance. If you are dealing with multiple creditors, this is not the way to go. Having a solid plan to pay your lenders is the ideal set up.

The first thing that you need to do is identify the amounts you owe and rank them according to payment priority. Then create a monthly payment plan that works for you. Be sure to stick with your strategy. Skipping payment schedules can mess up your finances and get you into trouble with creditors.


  • Know how interest rates work

One of the reasons why the loan amounts pile up to the roof is because most people who are borrowing money is not that knowledgeable with the interest rates. Before you go through a lending agreement, study first the amount of what you will be borrowing and the compounding interest. Compute it based on the payment duration and see how much the accumulated interest is. Based on the amount, decide if you are capable to pay such amount.


  • Live within your means

Impulse buying and splurges can mess up your finances if not controlled. And if you are still paying off a huge debt amount, it would be best to keep your finances and check and avoid situations that would tempt you to shell out money.


  • Go for automated payments

Missing a payment, whether it is for the electric bill or your creditor, can get you into trouble. Make sure that you are paying your dues in time. If your busy schedule would not allow you to go to the bank to play, you can try this: activate an online account and link your cards for automated payments.

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