Scanning Concrete – Can It Be Done?

Today is the age of technology and the word impossible is fast moving out of dictionary. Gone are the days when you had to wait to get things completed in days and months. Now, you reach from one corner to the other in a matter of hours, not days. With a smartphone in your hand, you have access to the whole world. Communicating with your relatives sitting in another corner of the planet is no longer difficult. Just login to your system and you have them on the screen. In other words, distances don’t matter anymore to the man. You may be wondering if communication is the only area that saw such revolutions. Not at all, as the same is true for other fields of life. for instance, you go to the hospital to have some tests and go through scanning process.

Famously called CT scan, the process requires you to go under the scanning machine and it will scan through your body in a matter of minutes. Interestingly, a similar but slightly more advanced technology is also available in the field of construction. Known as GPR concrete scanning, the technology involves scanning critical parts of a concrete structure. At its core, the scanning tool is a type of radar that has the ability to see through solid structures with very high efficiency. The reliability of this system is such that in some cases, the system can predict up to ninety percent accurate data. Though the eventual percentage may vary in some cases, those using GPR scanning on construction sites may differ. Time and again, the apparatus has shown how reliable it is and is going to do the same in years to come. Here is more on why using GPR scanning is a great way to provide accurate behind the wall or floor data:

High Reliability

As discussed above, the equipment has shown excellent reliability over a very long period. After all, you see it being used by almost all modern construction firms across the globe for a reason. Scanning accuracy is often achieved at high polynomials and the received picture depicts almost accurate model of the concrete block. Here, it is important to let the professionals use the apparatus because when it is being used by amateurs, the accuracy and overall performance may drop down significantly.

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