Stages of counselling

We have all wanted to know what goes down in counselling in Dubai and how do therapists find the right solution to their clients’ problems. Well, here we have got a brief idea as to what they really do and how it helps them in finding the right solution:

  • Get to know

Most of the times clients are scared to open up and it is just a huge courageous step for themselves alone to come into your office and be talking to you, you don’t want that step to prove wrong. So what you do is help them feel comfortable and inviting. Help them understand why they need this. Show some hospitality and let them know that this is their safe space. Your responds can play a very important role in how you respond to their experiences. Let them know you are here and leave such an impression that they would want to come back.

  • Solution

After the first few sessions of depression therapy Dubai a psychologist must be able to determine the depth of the problem and start working at its solution. It can take a huge time to help determine the solution to the problem and implement that solution because they most of the times client is not comfortable enough with your ways or solution and they may not want to implement that solution so acceptance can be an issue in this stage.

  • Commitment

Once you are in the acceptance stage with your client, them and you will have to be completely committed to the solution and the further stage. It is very common for the clients to fall off the wagon again and this happens due to negligence. Client must have enough faith in you and the process that they are going through.

  • End your session

This stage is probably harder than the first one because there you were about to know a person you haven’t met ever and here you are about to leave the person who you have come to know deeply. It can be hard for you and client alike but as a psychologist it is your job to mentally prepare them. Give them some essential piece of advice which can help them through all the stages of their life.

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