When should property be handed over to the property owner?

If you are a builder and definitely you construct the buildings for different companies or build the house and you are about to handover the building to the person of people who are the owner of the building but you want your satisfaction that you have well constructed the building and everything is fine with it so you need a property inspection companies for this services. Property inspection and plant and machinery valuation is common for the builders and then pre handover inspection to the owners of the building or house. These inspection services makes you satisfied about your work and tell you the lacking about the mistakes that you made while construction the house or building.

Every good estate builder hires the inspection service companies for the satisfaction of their own and for the owner. These companies check each and everything and then make a report about the said building if the report is fine then the builder will be able to handover the building. That means that property needs a practical inspection. From the inspection companies you can expect these things:

When to handover?

Before handling the property the builder will send you notice for 2 or 3 weeks and will advise you for the practical inspection and tell you the final handover date. This is the time that you should hire the professional inspector from the inspection companies. They will advise you 2 part inspection (1) the initial inspection and (2) is follow up inspection which is included to check the each and everything about you noted on the initial report.

Initial inspection

This report in prepared based on the practical inspection covering with external and internal areas of the house and provide the detail about the defected things and the issues that you can have after shifting the house. They will make a report about the material which is used to construct this building. After completing the initial report they will email it to you. It will take at least 7 or 8 days to inspect.

Follow up Inspection.

This inspection is used to check the initial report and it will tell you the defects that they mentioned and what defects they have rectify. The builder is responsible to fix everything that inspection companies have mentioned on the report. You can have this contract normally after 12 months. Builder will pay for the maintenance of the building.

When should property be handed over to the property owner?

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