5 Classes That Your Kids Can Take During Their Summer Vacation

Summer is not just about taking a vacation or having fun with friends. It can also be a time for learning new skills and honing talents, especially for kids. Attending summer classes is a great way to spend your summer. Although it may sound like a downer for your kid to attend a summer class, but he/she can immensely benefit from it.


If you still don’t have plans for the summers, here are some summer classes and training that might interest you or your kid:


  1. Art classes


If your little one is showing interest in the Arts, the summer would be the best time to hone it by enrolling him/her to art classes in Dubai for kids. By attending summer art classes, he/she will know the techniques and principles that can help better his/her skills in painting and other art-related mediums. Summer art classes also offer a venue for students to showcase their talents to their audience. Typically, at the end of the classes, students will be asked to submit their artworks and it would display in a gallery or exhibit for all the people to see.


For adults, there are other art-related classes that they can attend to acquire new skills such as photography and interior design course in Dubai.



  1. Cooking/baking classes


If you or your kid is interested on whipping up some tasty dishes, he/she can attend cooking or baking classes. Cooking classes offer students a chance to cook their favorite meals and discover new dishes that might excite their taste buds. Chefs and cooking instructors will teach the fundamentals of cooking and baking and provide valuable cooking tips that kids can apply in the kitchen. Some cooking classes also offer plating and meal preparation.


  1. Sport training camps


If you want your future athlete to enhance his/her skills, a summer sports camp might be the best place for him to go to. A sports camp provide a venue for students and campers to practice their sports and train with other kids to further hone their movements and techniques in the field. At the end of the training, teams will be pitted with each other to showcase what they learned in the camp.


  1. Writing classes


If your child is into writing, there are summer classes that provide various training for future wordsmiths.  The training would depend on what genre or style of writing your kid is interested in. There are classes in journalism, scriptwriting, poetry, etc., that your kid can attend to.

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