Simple Design Hacks That Can Your Kitchen Look Smashing

A lot of homeowners consider their kitchen space boring and plain. Some don’t even bother designing their kitchens since it would probably get used and abused from all the cooking and meal preparation.

But interior design consultants in Dubai disagree with this thinking. In fact, they suggest making the kitchen as stylish as possible to encourage homeowners to use their kitchen often and make it an integral part of their home design scheme. It would also encourage other family members to spend more time in this space and take the opportunity to bond while preparing meals.

If you are tired of the same old look in your kitchen, you can try this list of tips to help make your kitchen space a place to behold:

  • Shake your layout a bit


The secret to an elegantly-looking kitchen space is the layout. Remember, you will be doing a lot of movement in this space, so it is imperative that the placing of elements is flawless, in terms of look and function. The ideal formula for a perfect kitchen layout is a triangle with the stove, the sink and the refrigerator placed in three main points. Once the major elements are in place, it would be easier for you to place other kitchen furnishings according to function.


  • Take advantage of your ceiling height


If your kitchen space has a high ceiling, might as well utilize it to your advantage. Try stacking up your kitchen cabinet a little higher to give the space an illusion of height and also give you more storage space for your kitchen tools and equipment. But be sure that you can still reach the cupboards and get the things that you want.


  • Be detail-oriented


The cardinal rule in interior design is, “The devil is in the details.” Even the littlest piece can affect the entire design scheme. So be sure to go nitty-gritty with the details when designing your kitchen space – from the hardware to the design accents. Think twice before you splurge on kitchen equipment. Be sure that you really need these tools and whether they fit the design scheme that you have in mind.


  • Light things up


Adequate lighting is always a key to set the vibe. If your kitchen lighting is too dim, it will create a mood of isolation and brooding. Kitchen spaces should look and feel light and airy, so as much as possible, choose lighting fixtures that would address the concerns of design and space lighting.

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