Dubai Diamonds

It is expected that the shiniest city on the planet has some of the finest jewelry you can imagine. Being the richest place in the world, you would expect the jewelry, especially diamonds to be crazy expensive; but that is not the case. Diamonds and gold are much more expensive in New York, Berlin, Vienna and Rome, and that is what official statistics say. It actually makes sense because of many reasons. First of all, this flashing city needs it’s various goods in order to keep earning money and continue to exist as it is today. Also, there are some perks within jewelry laws in Duabai and whole UAE.

All of the Diamonds that arrive in Dubai from India or from South Africa are cheaper  because of some amazing tax relieves thanks to the tax-free business module. Also, Dubai is geographically close to the regions that are the most important exporters of Diamonds – South Africa and India – so these precios objects don’t have to travel far to arrive to Dubai. That also affects the lower prices of diamonds than anywhere else.

There are some traditional jewelries in Dubai. These are the best places to buy some sparkly stuff because the sellers are willing to bargain. They will get much more than they paid for it so sometimes you can lower the price for almost amazing 50%.

Molls are also packed with jewelries, but they are much more expensive than private shops. It is only reasonable, because they have to pay very expensive rents for the shops in molls, but some of the sellers there are also willing to bargain sometimes. The only danger is that if they except the bargain too easily, it might mean that starter price of that piece was much higher than it should have been, but that is why you always have to have in mind to look for the certificate for that specific peace of the jewelry, especially if that piece contains diamond or diamonds.

There is the term, commonly known as 4C; Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. Cut tells you how fine the diamond is processed. The less color in it – that better. Clarity goes from Flawless to Included, and it tells you how much of other natural materials you find in a piece. And the Carat gives you the weight.

You will find all of these diamond attributes in the specification, but make sure that it comes from the third party and never from the seller or the exporter.

Some of the best jewelry stores in Dubai are: Gold Souk of Dubai, Dubai Gold and Diamond Park and Damas.

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