Car Roads in Dubai

UAE consist of many states, and one of those has City of Dubai as its capital. This city is home to some of the most expensive and fastest cars of the world. It wasn’t always like that, but since UAE became the oil region, the wealthiest region on the planet Earth, it was only natural that all those cars found themselves there and also naturally – they needed some great roads. Dubai is the city with horrible traffic in terms of car rushes and car jams, but it also has traffic loop that is analog to some states highways in Europe; it is wide, with minimum of three lanes on each and every part of it. Watching it from above in the night, with cars rushing and going so fast – it looks like a computer animation. All of the colors come together and you can’t tell if it is the cars running or pure rays of light moving parallel to each other.

Infrastructure is very important part of Dubai’s development and roads certainly are a part of every good infrastructure. People who have experience with traffic in Dubai always warn about the few things you must pay attention to if you find yourself driving in Dubai: residents are used to roads and their cars are very fast, so always keep your distance; drivers often forget to turn on lights thinking they just don’t need it; if it rains and it is foggy – watch out! Residents are not use to that kind of weather and they will just continue speeding. Be very respectful to woman in traffic, because you might end up in a lot of trouble. If you ever get to the point when you would like to use your middle finger, so called hand gesture, try to compose yourself. That kind of action, as well as swearing in the traffic, no matter how jammed it and how nervous you get – might get you to prison.

Whenever someone speaks of Dubai roads it doesn’t go without mentioning the famous Jebel Jais Road. They build this almost surreal mountain road, spending more than 80 million Dollars, and it leads to nowhere! There is a reason for that. The road was started before the economy crashed in the whole world. Jebel Jais was meant to be the connection for many tourist attractions that were meant to be built in that period, but after all of those plans fell apart, the only thing remained was the road; the perfect curvy road going through the dusty mountain. It is still not finished and nobody knows when it will be. Experienced drivers love to go there and just cruise to the top of the Jais Mountain, enjoy the view for a while, and go back home.

Dubai is only part of UAE with pay tolls on the roads. They put them in 2007 only because of the traffic jams. There are only six of them, and you don’t pay at the tolls; you need to have pre-paid cards for that purpose. One card contains 100 Dirhams of credit which is enough for passing through the tolls 25 times. Pay tolls in Dubai are: Al Garhoud Gate, Al Maktoum Gate, Al Safa Gate, Al Barsha Gate, Airport Tunnel Gate, Mamzar Gate.

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