Features to consider in your Exhibition Stand

Exhibitions are a vital strategy for marketing specially when you can attract a lot of people and have a one to one conversation with them, where they can be influenced, motivated and persuaded in your brand. In all of this exhibition stands play a huge role as they can help attract customers. You should carefully consider what to be added and how to design your exhibition. There are alot of modern kiosk designs in Dubai. Here is a list how you can have a modern kiosk and exhibition stand:


Yes, ambiance is very important for exhibition stands too. It should have an environment where people would like to stay and they could talk to you. A friendly comfortable atmosphere would attract more people to your stand then a simple boring stand which won’t be attracting targeted audience.

Informative and Professional:

Your exhibition stand should provide alot of information about your brand and product. Visitors not only want to have friendly environment but they want for what they are here for, the information about your brand. You can have some expert to whom they can talk about your brand and gain a rich learning experience. This will also increase the customers trust in your brand.

Appropriate Lighting:

Lighting plays an essential role in attracting customers. But it is also important to have appropriate lighting that not only suits and represents your brand but also attract visitors. You can contact exhibition stand contractors Dubai to help you find what sort of lighting you can get. Your kiosk lighting should make your kiosk memorable and unique from your competitors.


Valuing your customers is the best way to attract customers and make them loyal. People remember when you care for them to attract and leave a long lasting impact on your customers. This could be free Wi-Fi or something reusable mugs, wallets, etc. This will not only attract visitors to your exhibition stand but it will also help them remember your brand whenever they are going to use that.

Innovative Style:

Rather than presenting just your product and brand with lots of information, try to present it in a unique, attractive and innovative style. This will not only help attract customers but this will also create an long lasting impact on your customers. Try a nice interior and bring life to your brand giving a fun filled experience to your customers.

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